Get Turkish citizenship and passport from home

Published at: 12/05/2020 12:00 pm

Get Turkish citizenship and passport from home


Did you know that you can become a Turkish citizen and passport holder from home, without travelling to Turkey? During the coronavirus pandemic, it may be a life-changer chance!


Because of the global lockdown, the countries in quarantine all over the world do not let you travel. But a second passport and citizenship may save your life and citizens can always enter in their countries. With two passports you can fly! Meanwhile, the others are waiting for the world to open up.  


How can you become a Turkish citizen from home?


It is good to know that Turkey is one of the strongest middle-powers and has Embassies and consulates in almost all countries.


Step 1

You must obtain your necessary documents from your home country's authorities, validate those with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and put the Apostille stamps. Then you can send by mail or courier to the nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate-General to notarise. 

You must also notarise a PoA (Power of Attorney), using the same method as with your other documents. 


Step 2

To buy the Turkish property in exchange for the Turkish passport, you will need a local, Turkish bank account. Without the personal presence, your bank can't satisfy the KYC (Know Your Client) rules. However, you can transfer your funds to the bank account of your representative, and he or she can purchase the real estate for you with the Power of Attorney (from Step1). 


Step 3

You representative (attorney) can register the necessary residence permit for you because the resident status is a must before applying for Turkish citizenship. 

Upon receiving the favourable decision about your Turkish citizenship, you must visit the Embassy or Consulate to provide your necessary biometrics data. 


Step 4

Your attorney may pick up your Turkish passport and certificate of naturalisation, or you can do the same at the local Turkish Embassy or Consulate. 


Do you want to become Turkish, obtain the citizenship and passport of Turkey from your home country?

Read here all the detailed information of Turkish citizenship by investment program! 



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