Living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
is an experience like no other.
Home to a wide range of nationalities,
a nightlife to rival London and New York
and absolutely zero income tax, the Gulf nation
has plenty to offer.

The easiest way to obtain UAE residency is by company
incorporation in the Emirates and a license to do
business in the UAE.

Advantages of UAE residency

Costs to register a company in order to obtain UAE residency

Documents you’ll need

Who can obtain UAE resident status?

Steps in registering a company
and obtaining resident status

The client provides all necessary documents and details

Our experts prepare the registration forms for the client to sign

The client signs the registration forms and sends them to us by courier so that we can submit a set of documents for registering the company

The company is registered (takes up to 3 days)

The client submits the documents for obtaining an immigration card and visa (Entry Permit)

A decision is awaited on obtaining an immigration card and visa (Entry Permit), which takes 15–20 days

The client receives a copy of the visa, while the UAE border officials at the arrival airport receive the original of the client’s visa

Arrival in the UAE to: - Have the visa inserted into your passport; - Undergo a medical examination in order to receive a certificate of health; - Submit documents for the Emirates ID.

  • The Entry Permit is valid only for 60 days from issue, and to receive UAE residency you must travel to the UAE while the Entry Permit is still valid.
  • For your visit to the UAE, you must schedule at least 5 working days.
  • To retain your residency, you must visit the UAE at least once every 180 days.
  • Residency is issued for three years right off.
  • To retain your resident status, your company’s registration must be renewed on an annual basis.