Greece restarts the permanent residency by investment program.

Published at: 09/06/2020 12:00 pm

Greece restarts the permanent residency by investment program.

The Greek Golden Visa scheme (Greece permanent residency by investment program) starts again as the government offices are opening for the public. Tourists from the EU can already enter the country without quarantine, it looks like that the applicants from third countries may visit Greece from July.


Greece did not stop to accept applications for the permanent residence permit program through the Covid-19 quarantine. Still, the lack of personal visits did not help to generate income from the state. However, the government eased and modernised the immigration process for investors during the coronavirus pandemic:


  • They accepted remote applications from the investors directly to the Ministry of Migration via authorised attorneys.
  • Submission of biometric data will be permitted at a later stage.
  • Collection of the documents can be made without the personal presence of the resident by showing a certified copy of the passport.
  • The permanent resident of Greece can receive the already issued Golden Visas and submission of additional documents via courier.


How can I become a permanent resident of Greece through investment?


It's not a coincidence that the Greek permanent residency by investment program became several times the most popular immigration scheme for small investors. The qualifying amount of investment (250,000 USD) is relatively low. It allows the investors and his or her family to live in the European Union and obtain the citizenship of Greece after five years. 


Discus Holdings Ltd is one of the leading immigration and investment consultancies of the Greek Golden Visa Program. You can follow the more than 122,000 foreign small and medium investors, who purchased real estate in Greece. If you want to get a European permanent residence permit and later the citizenship, you find here all the detailed information.


According to Tornosnews, the number of foreign investors searching for real estates increased by almost twenty per cent instead of going down. The trend continued in May, with a 253.5% increase in expressions of interest for the purchase of luxurious holiday residences in Greece". 



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